Intradural Extramedullary Malignant Tumors

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Chapter 6 Intradural Extramedullary Malignant Tumors



There were only very rare cases arising in malignant transformation of benign schwannoma or sympathetic ganglion tumors.4 Large and medium-sized nerves are more often involved than small nerves. Common sites of origin include the sciatic nerve, brachial plexus, and upper arm. MPNSTs affect young to middle-aged adults, with a slight female predominance.
Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF-1) predisposes to the development of MPNSTs. About 50–60% of MPNSTs occur in patients with NF-1.2,3 In addition to hereditary factors, exposure to ionizing radiation also may play a role in the development of MPNSTs.