5 Signs You Need a Hearing Test

Published on 22/02/2023 by admin

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5 Signs You Need a Hearing Test

Healthy hearing is one of life’s greatest gifts. However, hearing impairment can lead to depression, social isolation, and poor quality of life. While it’s possible to treat hearing loss to restore the benefits of sound hearing, an audiologist can only help if the problem is identified.

Sometimes it can be obvious that you need to get your hearing tested, but other times it might be difficult to notice that hearing loss has occurred. Consider having your hearing tested if you notice any of these signs.

  1. Constant repetition

It is normal to ask people to repeat themselves from time to time. However, if you find yourself doing this regularly, it’s essential to have your hearing tested. Usually, with hearing impairment, you will be able to hear voices, but the words will sound unclear or muffled. This may lead to the perception that your hearing is okay, but the opposite might be true. Watch out for how often you require things to be repeated and schedule a hearing exam with HearCanada to check for possible problems if it happens frequently.   

  1. Ringing in the ears

Ringing, screeching, or buzzing noises in your ears can be a sign of damage to the hearing nerve or ear. These can be caused by a condition known as tinnitus, which may interfere with your ability to hear the most important sounds.

It can also be an early warning sign of severe hearing loss, especially if the ringing doesn’t disappear for a long time. A hearing test by a qualified audiologist can check for hearing loss that usually accompanies tinnitus and help develop programs and strategies for tinnitus relief.

  1. Difficulty following conversations

Following a conversation with several participants or in a noisy place such as a bar or restaurant can be challenging if you have a hearing impairment. It can cause trouble in comprehending sounds and difficulty in locating them. A noisy social situation also leads to sonic confusion, and it may become difficult to navigate sounds if you have a hearing impairment.  

Consider a hearing test if you are struggling in noisy places where other people keep talking. If it goes untreated, hearing impairment can wreak havoc on your sense of connection to others and your ability to communicate effectively.

  1. You are turning up the volume too loud

One of the most obvious signs of hearing impairment is when you notice that you are turning up the volume on the TV and other devices too loud. If you are keeping your TV volume at the upper third of its capacity or family members are complaining about how loud you keep your volume levels, that’s an indicator you require a hearing test. 

  1. Difficulty understanding children’s voices

Losing the highest and lowest frequencies of your hearing range is a warning sign of typical hearing loss. This can make hearing high-pitched sounds, such as children’s voices, difficult. If you notice that you can’t understand children when they speak, consider scheduling a visit to your audiologist to have your hearing tested.


There are many signs that show that it’s time to get a hearing test. If you are experiencing any of these indicators, consider scheduling a hearing test with your doctor or audiologist. A qualified audiologist will handle the test professionally and ensure you get all the advice and assistance you need.