Viral Structure, Classification, and Replication

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Chapter 18

Viral Structure, Classification, and Replication

Structure and Classification of Viruses

1. DNA genome (Fig. 18-1A)

2. RNA genome (Fig. 18-1B)

3. Segmented genome

Viral capsid (Fig. 18-3)

• In viruses that lack an outer envelope, the capsid enclosing the genome forms the outer layer of the virion.

1. Shape

2. Formation

3. Capsid components recognize and bind to cell surface receptors on host cells.

Viral envelope

• Important differences between nonenveloped and enveloped viruses are summarized in Table 18-1.

TABLE 18-1

Nonenveloped (Naked) Versus Enveloped Viruses

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Property Nonenveloped Viruses Enveloped Viruses
Components Proteins Phospholipids, proteins, glycoproteins