Vicarious Excretion

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 High-density material within gallbladder (GB)

– CT > 10x more sensitive than radiographs in detecting slight differences in density
– Mild to moderate opacification of GB bile on day after CECT or angiogram is a normal and expected finding

image Does not necessarily imply abnormal renal function
– Dense opacification on CT indicates ↓ renal function
image Increased attenuation of ascites fluid

– Visible a few hours after IV administration of contrast
– Results from hepatobiliary and peritoneal contrast excretion into ascites
– Mildly increased density of ascites fluid may not indicate renal impairment
– Significantly ↑ attenuation suggests ↓ renal function
image Increased attenuation of pericardial fluid

– Most common in first few hours after IV contrast
– Mildly ↑ attenuation can be normal finding
• Radiographic findings

image Opacification of bile within GB after IV contrast always implies impaired or delayed renal function

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