Transform Your Health: A Beginner’s Guide To Effective Exercise

Published on 01/05/2024 by admin

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Everyone has grown up listening to the adage that exercise leads to good health and that obesity is the enemy. Of course in the modern world where jobs are increasingly difficult and competitive, time is always short. Not to mention that every individual does not enjoy exercise or working out while some people do. If you are starting from the beginning here are some tips you can follow to make effective and appropriate exercise a part of your life in the best way possible. 

Go To A General Medical Practitioner 

If you are starting your health journey from scratch, then it is best to get a full medical check-up done including blood work to identify any potential health risks. Many people consider getting full medical check-ups done if they are having problems with their blood sugar or blood pressure as diabetes, insulin resistance and hypertension are very common ailments in the modern world due to a processed diet and a mostly sedentary lifestyle. Schedule an appointment with your GP to get the all-clear to choose a type of exercise moving forward. 

Small Milestones Are More Effective 

A lot of the time on social media or television the message being conveyed is ‘go hard or go home.’ Many TV shows that revolve around losing weight or revamping one’s health cater to extreme methods since the shows need to have good ratings and quick results. In real life however people can rarely go the extreme route without compromising their health. 

The sensible approach is to take small, slow steps towards your goals and to outline those goals in some detail on a board or piece of paper so you can refer back to them with ease. People keep food diaries or use calorie counting apps as a way of keeping track of what they are consuming and digital fitness trackers can count your steps and exertion levels and match them up with your fitness goals. 

The major benefit of having realistic milestones and goals is that you will be able to keep up with them consistently. Consistency matters a lot since recovering control of your health and building an enviable level of fitness is usually a long-term undertaking and it is easy for most people to get discouraged or disillusioned early on and then quit all together. Investing in personal fitness training is a great way to stay motivated and have professional guidance on the right kind of exercise regimen for you. 

Exercise Type

The type of exercise that would benefit you depends on a range of factors from your BMI to your health profile and the time available for exercise. Some people may benefit from a hands-on approach with a personal trainer and a personalized regimen, others may let dieting or intermittent fasting protocols do most of the work, while some individuals prefer high intensity cardio and weight training. Usually a combination is recommended by trainers but if someone has a certain health condition then light walking, jogging, yoga and swimming are always brilliant options.