Traction Diverticulum

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 Similar lesion may represent a pulsion diverticulum, due to esophageal dysmotility

• Chest x-ray PA view: Calcified perihilar lymph nodes
• Videofluoroscopic esophagogram (barium studies)

image Mid esophagus: Traction diverticulum
image Tented or triangular in shape with pointed tip, wide mouth
image Diverticulum tends to empty when esophagus is collapsed (because it contains all layers)


• Zenker diverticulum

image Posterior hypopharyngeal diverticulum
• Pulsion diverticulum

image Mid and distal esophageal pulsion diverticula tend to remain filled after most of barium is emptied (lack of muscle)
image Associated with motility disorders
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