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FIG. 7.18 Human skeleton. The axial skeleton is distinguished by a blue tint. A, Anterior view. B, Posterior view. (From Patton KT, Thibodeau GA: The human body in health & disease, ed 6, St Louis, 2014, Mosby.)
• Arthroscopy of the shoulder (acromioplasty)
• Arthroscopy of the hip
• Arthroscopy of the ankle

Basic Equipment for Arthroscopic Procedures

• Basic orthopedic instrument tray
• Irrigation tubing and pump
• Arthroscopic tower
• Tourniquet
• Arthroscopic instrument tray
• Arthroscope with 30- and 70-degree lenses
• Arthroscopic shaver
• Camera
• Light source and cord
• 3000-mL bags of fluid (distention medium)
• Power drill and saw


FIG. 7.19 Beach chair–style shoulder positioner allows distraction of the joint for visualization. (From Rothrock JC, Alexander SM: Alexander’s surgical procedures, ed 1, St. Louis, 2012, Mosby.)
• Suture anchors