Sensitive Skin: Is There a Link with Ethnicity?

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Prevalence of Sensitive Skin by Ethnicity


TABLE 14.2
Prevalence of Sensitive Skin by Ethnicity in Terms of Climatic and Environmental Factors


TABLE 14.3
Prevalence of Sensitive Skin by Ethnicity in Terms of Emotion


We found variations of prevalence according to different countries by using the same methodology for all these studies (613) (see Chapter 2) that could suggest that some variations could depend on ethnicity.

This is definitely a little quick shortcut if not foolhardy! These different factors are rather cultural, linguistic, climatic, industrial, and related to the level of pollution or lifestyle.

In any case, research is limited in these countries by the law, especially in France, which forbids to question a person about its skin or its ethnic group.*

We also performed a study in the United States (9) on a representative sample of the population (14), including ethnic groups.

With the help of an international polling institute (Paris, France), 1000 individuals from a national sample representative of the American population aged at least 18 years old were selected according to the quota method (sex, age, ethnic group, profession, area of living) (14) and interviewed via phone. There were 70% who declared themselves as “Caucasians”; 12%, “Blacks”; 13.5%, “Hispanics”; and 3%, “Asians.”

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