Principles of Antiparasitic Therapy

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Chapter 271 Principles of Antiparasitic Therapy

Parasites are divided into 2 main groups taxonomically: protozoans, which are unicellular, and helminths, which are multicellular. Chemotherapeutic agents appropriate for 1 group may not be appropriate for the other, and not all drugs are readily available. Some drugs are available only from the manufacturer, some are not available in the USA, and some are available through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Drug Service (telephone: 404-639-3670, weekdays; 404-639-2888, evenings, weekends, and holidays) image(see Tables 271-1 and 271-2 on the Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics website at


*Antiminth (Pfizer)—pyrantel pamoate
Aralen (Sanofi)—chloroquine HCl and chloroquine phosphate
*artemether—Artenam (Arenco, Belgium)
*Artenam (Arenco, Belgium)—artemether
*artesunate—(Guilin No. 1 Factory, People’s Republic of China)
Bactrim (Roche)—TMP/Sulfa
*benznidazole—Rochagan (Roche, Brazil)
*Biltricide (Bayer)—praziquantel
bithionol—Bitin (Tanabe, Japan)
Bitin (Tanabe, Japan)—bithionol
*Brolene (Aventis, Canada)—propamidine isethionate chloroquine HCl and chloroquine phosphate—Aralen (Sanofi), others
Cleocin (Pfizer)—clindamycin
diethylcarbamazine citrate USP—Hetrazan
*diloxanide furoate—Furamide (Boots, U.K.)
eflornithine (difluoromethylornithine, DFMO)—Ornidyl (Aventis)
*Egaten (Novartis)—triclabendazole
Flagyl (Searle)—metronidazole
Fungizone (Apothecon)—amphotericin
*Furamide (Boots, U.K.)—diloxanide furoate
*furazolidone—Furozone (Roberts)
*Furozone (Roberts)—furazolidone
Germanin (Bayer, Germany)—suramin sodium
*Glucantime (Aventis, France)—meglumine antimoniate
Hetrazan—diethylcarbamazine citrate USP
*Impavido (Zentaris, Germany)—miltefosine

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