Intramural (Mesenchymal) Intestinal Tumors

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 Most commonly diagnosed benign small bowel (SB) tumor (easy to recognize on CT)

image Most common cause of SB intussusception (symptomatic)
• GI stromal tumor (GIST)

image Most common type (if duodenum is included)
image Often large, exophytic, with central necrosis, may communicate with lumen
• Leiomyoma

image Calcifications and necrosis are common (in this rare tumor)
• Hemangioma

image Usually small, ± calcified phleboliths
• Neural tumors

image Schwannoma, paraganglioma, neurofibroma
image Multiple SB neurofibromas may be seen in neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1)


• Intestinal metastases and lymphoma
• Small bowel carcinoma
• Intramural hematoma

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