Carcinoid syndrome

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Carcinoid syndrome

1. What are carcinoid tumors? How are they classified?

2. Define carcinoid syndrome.

3. What are the biochemical mediators of carcinoid syndrome?

4. Why does pellagra often accompany carcinoid syndrome?

5. Why do intestinal carcinoid tumors so infrequently cause carcinoid syndrome?

6. Do carcinoid tumors cause any other humoral syndromes?

Carcinoids may also secrete corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) or corticotropin (adrenocorticotropin [ACTH]), thus causing Cushing’s syndrome, or growth hormone–releasing factor (GRF), thus causing acromegaly. These syndromes have been reported mainly with bronchial and pancreatic carcinoid tumors.

7. How is the diagnosis of carcinoid syndrome usually made?

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