Arboviral Encephalitis outside North America

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Chapter 260 Arboviral Encephalitis outside North America

The principal causes of arboviral encephalitis outside North America are Venezuelan equine encephalitis (VEE) virus, Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus, tick-borne encephalitis (TBE), and West Nile (WN) virus (Table 260-1).

260.1 Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis

The VEE virus was isolated from an epizootic in Venezuelan horses in 1938. Human cases were first identified in 1943. Hundreds of thousands of equine and human cases have occurred over the past 70 yr. During 1971, epizootics moved through Central America and Mexico to southern Texas. After 2 decades of quiescence, epizootic disease emerged again in Venezuela and Colombia in 1995.