What to Know About Condom Catheters

Published on 19/12/2022 by admin

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You can use an ostomy tube or a catheter in order to collect urine into a bag. There are many types of catheters to choose from, including the condom type of catheter that you can fit over your penis like a rubber condom but has a tube that collects pee strapped to your leg.


They’re much more comfortable to wear compared to catheters that you have to insert straight into your penis hole and urethra for direct urine collection. 


What is the Condom Catheter?


The condom catheter is a catheter device for urine collection. It has a tube attached to its condom-like shape that goes straight to a collection bag usually strapped onto your leg. This product is also known as penile sheath catheter and external urinary catheter.


It’s best used for people who suffer from what’s known as incontinence or inability to control their urination. Incontinence is inconvenient because it has you pee even before you can make it to the bathroom.


Why Would You Need a Condom Catheter?


If you’re a urinary incontinence patient you may choose this catheter over the traditional catheter that’s painfully attached to your urethra. Losing bladder control is quite inconvenient because it makes you leak out urine whenever and a percentage of the population suffers from this condition.


You can also avail of disposable absorbent underwear (adult diapers) and absorbent pads to deal with urinary incontinence without strapping a catheter to your genitals. 


How Do You Get a Condom Catheter?


Ask your doctor, nurse, or healthcare professional about getting it or if it’s even an option for your condition. You also have a wide array of condom catheter types to choose from, including those using latex or those that use silicone. It depends if you have an allergy with latex or not.


  • Size: Like in the case of condoms, you can avail of different condom catheter sizes as well. Measure the circumference of your penis at the base of its shaft first. The girth of your penis is the largest as the shaft. Figure out your size using this measurement.


  • Application: Choose the application of the product too. Some of them come with attached adhesive, making them self-adhesive condom catheters. Others lack such adhesive, so you need to get glue that’s meant for skin to make it stick to your genitals.


How Do You Use a Condom Catheter?


Put on the condom catheter like you would a condom. Roll it onto the penis. Leave a small space at the tip where the urine will get expelled. The space should be about half an inch in size, thus improving urine flow when push comes to shove.


The condom fit should not leave you uncomfortable. It should be tight enough to be secure but not too tight that it’s strangling your penis. It should fit your penis when it’s flaccid or when it’s erect. Once attached to clean skin, connect the device to the collection bag and the catheter tube.


Never Forget the Following


Don’t overestimate the measurement of your penis when getting a condom catheter. Know the actual measurement to prevent buying a loose condom. Don’t conclude you’re magnum sized due to ego when a more realistic and scientific fit is required.


There are other reasons for using this catheter as well. You might have trouble moving easily or you might have undergone a medical procedure that limits your movement, thus necessitating expulsion of urine while bed-ridden.