What Is Draining Your Phone Battery?

Published on 27/07/2023 by admin

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Last modified 27/07/2023

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Did your phone run out of battery yet again, despite you charging it just a while back?

Isn’t it frustrating like the worst?

There is a chance that you are neglecting several important key elements in using your battery life to the maximum. It is alright. It is kind of like a rookie mistake, and don’t worry. We are here to guide you on the main factors you need to keep in check for ensuring that your phone battery is not getting drained too fast. 

Let’s keep it quick!

  1. Limit Notifications

Is your phone buzzing again and again with notification alerts? Well then of course it is going to drain your phone battery like nothing else!

There are times when these notifications are pointless. From some application update to your food app telling you what’s cooking, it is all ultimately using up your battery. You will run out of battery time quicker.

Quick Fix: Go to your phone settings and adjust your notification settings. Not every application’s notifying you is important. So choose what’s important, and witness your battery lasting longer. 

  1. Adjust the Picture-in-Picture Mode

We cannot undermine the ease that picture-in-picture mode has brought us. Either via using YouTube Premium, or a simple browser, but how it can affect your battery life is quite clear. Since it is the use of multiple applications at the same time, it does take a toll on your battery. 

So, if you want your battery to last longer, then you will have to quit using the picture-in-picture mode all the time. Just now and then wouldn’t be damaging for your battery of course, but you need to be mindful of using it consistently. 

  1. Change Your Location Settings

Can you see a small arrow on the top of your phone screen? If yes, then it means there is an application on your mobile that is using your location at all times. And we know what this means. Stress on your battery. 

The best way you can ensure that your location is not in use by applications is by turning your location off entirely in your settings. 

  1. Turn Off Your Wi-Fi When Not In Use

Are you not using any online applications on your phone? Then just turn off your Wi-Fi! You have no idea how much battery this can save you. 

When the mobile device is constantly connected to the wireless service, it takes up the battery life, which is why you might be needing to charge it all the time. For instance, overnight you can keep your Wi-Fi off and just sleep in peace. All disconnected.

But this also does not mean that we are asking you to compromise on your internet service as well. The times you’d be using your phone, you will need a high-speed connection, so choosing services such as Cox Internet will be a good idea. And also a lagging connection would mean you refreshing the apps again and again, hence stressing the battery life.

  1. Is the Brightness Too High?

Isn’t this quite obvious though? Keeping your brightness to the fullest is one of the major reasons for your battery draining out way too quickly. Whenever you step out in the sun, you do need to keep it a bit high but do not make this mistake when you are indoors. 

To keep this concern at bay entirely, the best thing you can do is set your display settings to adjust according to the light in your environment. Your smartphones are capable enough. Use these features and save yourself from the hassle of constantly running to put your phone on charge. 

  1. Extreme Temperatures Harming the Battery

Your phone is a fine technical device and you need to take care of it. Any extreme temperatures can hurt your battery the very first instant. 

So for example, if you were to leave your phone in your car in scorching heat, and do it repeatedly, the chances are your battery will simply explode. Even if it weren’t exploding, it will surely won’t be functioning to its full capacity anymore. 

The ideal temperature to keep your phone in is between 68o and 86o Fahrenheit. 

  1. Running Background Applications

People often do not exit any application properly which keeps it running in the background. This act not only affects the overall speed of the phone but also has a significant impact on your battery. 

The applications running in the background add a burden onto your phone, and can also consume your internet bandwidth. These apps are often simply monitoring different aspects of your phone that eventually end up draining your phone battery. 

Quick Fix: The quickest way to fix this is by going to your settings, and applications and disabling all the extra ones that you do not need. This could be your wallet app, health app, and several more. Also, keep refreshing your phone so these apps are exited properly. 

  1. Check Your Battery Health

If your battery is still running out quickly despite you taking all the measures we have stated above, then we do have someone final check for you. 

You need to check your phone’s battery health. Chances are that your battery has gotten weak, be it on its own over time, or maybe with some carelessness. Either way, the only way out for you now is to get a new one! 

Wrapping Up

Constantly running out of your phone battery is surely frustrating. Having to put it on charge almost all the time, kind of ruins the entire point of a phone being a portable device, right? So, figure out where the issue might be from the guide above, and get to solving it quickly!