Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy

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CHAPTER 28 Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy


Many terms have been used in different studies to describe the procedure that is performed. Unfortunately, the terminology used in international papers is inconsistent and often leads to confusion. The following glossary has been proposed and corresponds to the diagrams and intraoperative photographs found in the chapter.

R2 sympathectomy or sympathicotomy: division or resection of the chain overlying the second (R2 rib) and third rib (R3). This division accomplishes isolation of the R2 ganglion, which is found in between the two cuts (Figure 28-1). This nomenclature should be used for all subsequent levels; for example, R3 sympathectomy or sympathicotomy means division of the nerve chain over the third and fourth ribs, achieving R3 ganglion isolation.