Paediatric skull—suspected NAI

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Paediatric skull—suspected NAI

The standard radiographs

The precise SXR views to be obtained will be specified by the local protocol for NAI assessment in infants and toddlers3.

Normal anatomy

Infants and toddlers—normal accessory sutures

Evaluating the SXR in an infant or toddler presents unique problems. Diagnostic confusion between sutures and fractures may have serious consequences. A basic understanding of the locations and variable appearances of these sutures will help to reduce the likelihood of misdiagnosis48.

The lateral SXR

Accessory parietal sutures vary in position. This drawing does not correspond to any radiographic projection. It shows the general positions and direction of the more common incomplete accessory parietal sutures (P1 and P2) when looking down from above the cranium.

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