Oral Manifestations of Nutritional Status

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Chapter 25 Oral Manifestations of Nutritional Status

image Introduction

The structures and lining of the oral cavity offer valuable and easily accessible information on the nutritional status of an individual. Lesions may indicate a nutrient deficiency or may be manifestations of gastrointestinal or other disease.1 Because of the very rapid cell turnover of the oral mucosa, these lesions often may precede other manifestations of nutrient deficiency or systemic disease. Some typical lesions are mucosal ulceration, cheilosis, gingivitis, and glossitis. Between 5% and 10% of the people in the United States are deficient in one or more nutrients, so signs of nutritional deficiency are common.

image Abnormalities of the Oral Membranes

Table 25-1 summarizes the typical oral manifestations associated with a particular nutrient deficiency, and Table 25-2 summarizes common disorders associated with oral manifestations.112

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