Morgagni Hernia

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 Soft tissue, fat, or air density along heart border

image Usually located in right cardiophrenic angle and anterior to heart on lateral view
image Smoothly marginated with silhouetting of heart border
• CT and MR Findings

image Defect in retrosternal part of diaphragm with hernia sac extending upwards anterior to heart
image Hernia sac most often contains only omental fat
image Can also contain: Transverse colon > liver > small bowel > stomach
image Hernias in adults usually contain omental fat; involvement of bowel or liver more likely in children
image With pericardial defect, hernia sac may protrude into pericardial cavity or heart may protrude downwards


• Pericardial fat pad
• Mediastinal and thoracic masses
• Pulmonary parenchymal lesions


• Rare, 3-4% of all diaphragmatic hernias
• Most cases are diagnosed in adults
• Often asymptomatic in adults, and more likely symptomatic in children

image Symptoms often include chronic GI complaints

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