Case 26

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Case 26

This 25-year-old woman presented with an enlarged uterus on physical examination. The first image (top left) is a transabdominal view of the pelvis. The other images were taken transvaginally.

Case 1 Answer: This mass was mistaken for an ovarian fibroma but was proven to be a mature teratoma at surgery.
Case 2 Answer: Endometriosis involving the back of the cervix and anterior wall of the recto-sigmoid. There was severe focal tenderness at the site of the abnormality during the scan.
Case 3 Answer: Mucocele of the appendix. Note the onion skin–like texture of the internal contents of the lesion. A separate right ovary that appeared normal was documented.
Case 4 Answer: Bilateral cystadenomas of low malignant potential (borderline tumor). Note that these masses with abundant color flow are worrisome for malignancy.
Case 5 Answer: The initial scan suggested a polyp due to the thick, heterogeneous, and cystic central endometrial echo. When saline was infused into the uterine cavity, the mucosal surface appeared thin, compatible with atrophy. The cystic areas are sub-endometrial, which is typical of the Tamoxifen effect and represents glandular cystic atrophy.
Case 6 Answer:

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